The Pleasure of Fine Japanese Tea

Leaf Tea

Tanegashima Sencha, Shimamidori (Island Green,) Kagoshima Pref., 50g - 2014

The rare cultivar Shimamidori (Island Green) tea from Kagoshima Prefecture's Tanegashima Island, this chuumushi (regular-steamed) sencha is mildly sweet with low astringency.

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TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Chiran Sencha, Kagoshima, 50g

TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Chiran-cha - 2014, Sencha from Chiran City, Kagoshima Prefecture. Infuses to a deep emerald-golden green with an herbaceuos and slightly nutty aroma and flavor. Full-bodied, and very smooth with a moderate astringency level.


TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Ei Sencha, Kagoshima, 50g

TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Ei Sencha - 2014, from Kagoshima Prefecture exhibits a grassy and slightly sweet aroma and flavor. For it's low astringency and sweet flavor, it is often referred to as "natural gyokuro."


Hayato Sencha; Kirishima, Kagoshima Pref. 50g - 2014

Hayato Sencha, Kirishima - 2014. Smooth and full-bodied with medium-low astringency and herbaceous, grassy notes.

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Uji Sencha, Kyoto, 50g -2014

Uji-cha - 2014; sencha from Uji City, Kyoto, infuses to a deep golden-green liquor with a floral and slightly grassy bouquet. The flavor is soft, yet full in the mouth, with low astringency. It is a flavor that reminds one of the elegance of Kyoto, and the fame of Uji as a producer of fine tea throughout Japan's tea history.

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Oita Organic Sencha; Usuki, Oita Prefecture, 50g -2014

Oita Organic Asamushi Sencha - 2014, from Usuki, Oita Prefecture on Kyushu This asamushi (light-steamed) sencha has a smooth, clean taste with slight grassiness and medium astringency that is reduced significantly in latter infusions.

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Chashi Meijin Fukamushi Sencha; Kakegawa, Shizuoka, 50g - 2014

Chashi Meijin Fukamushicha - 2014 (deep-steamed tea,) Sencha. Origin: Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Cultivar: Yabukita. This premium fukamushi sencha was awarded the Gold Medal by Monde de Selection, an independent product quality testing institute in Brussels, Belgium. As with most deep-steamed tea, it infuses quickly and produces a deep green color on the first infusion. Very full bodied with grassy flavor and aroma, combined with a hint of marine air. Very smooth and light, with low astringency even on subsequent infusions.

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Yakushima Organic Yutakamidori Sencha, 50g -2014

Yakushima Organic Yutakamidori Sencha - 2014, Yakushima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture. Yakushima Island's relative isolation about 65 km Kyushu has recently encouraged many tea growers there to practice organic farming. This Yutakamidori variety of sencha has a light and mildly sweet taste with low astringency. We are pleased to be able to offer Yakushima tea as an organic option to our customers.

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Yame Gyokuro, Fukuoka, 50g -2014

Yame Gyokuro - 2014, from Hoshino Village, Yame, Fukuoka. Infuses to a rich golden-green with a grassy and slightly woodsy aroma. Good gyokuro is often compared to a fine dashi (broth) and this tea is full in the mouth with an herbaceous, sweet, and slight marine flavors. A low temperature is needed to bring out the "amami," or sweetness, and low astringency that gyokuro is known for.

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Karigane, Stem Tea from Gyokuro; Asahina, Shizuoka, 50g -2014

Asahina Karigane - 2014, stem tea of Gyokuro. Origin: Asahina Valley, Okabe City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Karigane refers to kuki-cha (stem tea) made specifically from the stems of Gyokuro. Infuses to a deep golden-green in the first infusion. The flavor and aroma are grassy with a slightly sweet finishing note. Full-bodied, but with very low astringency and lower caffeine content than sencha or gyokuro. More delicate and slightly sweeter than regular kukicha.

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TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Ureshino Tamaryokucha, Saga Pref. 50g

TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Ureshino Tamaryokucha, Saga Prefecture, Kyushu. 50g - 2014. Infuses to a light green color, and stays very smooth through 3-4 infusions. The taste displays amami (sweetness) with slightly nutty and herbaceous notes.


Genmaicha, Shizuoka, 50g

TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Genmaicha - 2014, sencha blended with roasted brown rice, from Kawane City, Shizuoka Prefecture, produces a rich green color with a roasted, somewhat nutty aroma and taste. Although this flavor provides the tea with a robust toasty character, it is relatively smooth and refreshing to drink.


Kukicha, Kagoshima, 50g -2014

Kukicha - 2014, made from stems of sencha from Kagoshima Prefecture infuses to a deep golden-green in the first infusion. The flavor and aroma are grassy with a slightly sweet finishing note. Full-bodied, but with very low astringency.

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Houjicha, Shizuoka, 40g

TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Houjicha - 2014, roasted bancha from Shizuoka Prefecture. The roasting process produces a very savory and smoky aroma and flavor in a deep chestnut brown liquor. Very low astringency, caffeine, and tannin levels make this a smooth and mellow tea that can be enjoyed anytime by tea drinkers of all ages.


Natamamecha, Sword Bean Tea, Canavalia gladiata, 46g

Natamamecha, Canavalia gladiata (Sword Bean Tea,) 46g (23x2g packets. Origin: Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture. Genus: Canavalia, Species: C. gladiata. A member of the legume family. Not a true tea, but like most herbal, vegetal, or flower infusions; it is commonly referred to as "tea." It brews a smooth and slightly sweet beverage that has a number of reported health benefits.
Natamame (Sword Bean) have been used in rural Japan for generations as a medicinal herb; dried, ground, and infused; as a food product, pickled; and as a good luck charm to be taken on long journeys. It has recently found new popularity in Japan as a health tea and in a wide variety of products, such as toothpaste (due to the reported efforts on periodontal disease and halitosis.) Farmers and dietitians in Japan also report that it has positive effects on kidney function, nasal congestion (rhinitis and hay fever.) It is naturally caffeine free.

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Premium Organic Matcha 30g

Charaku Premium Organic Matcha comes from fields high in the mountains of the Nishio region of central Japan, the country's premier location for growing organic tencha, the base tea to produce matcha. Only the best leaves are hand-picked and granite stone-milled to produce our high quality matcha. It is Japanese-certified Organic and also Kosher-certified.

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Gift Box

Charaku Gift Box, Holds 2-4 50g Tea Packs

Gift Box for two to four 50 gram loose leaf tea packs. L.9"(23cm) x W.7"(18cm) x H.1.625"(4cm.) Giving tea as a gift? Add on this sturdy gift box created in Japan especially for our wrapped tea packages. All of our 50g tea packs fit these gift boxes. Note: only our Charaku Houjicha, which is lighter and needs a larger package, does not fit into our gift boxes.